Our Company

NEN Mühendislik

Ourcompany is a legal companythat has beenfoundedwiththeaim of investigating of andtakingnecessarymeasuresagainstpollution of air, water, water, wasteandnoisewhichhaveoccurredduetothoroughlyhumanfunctionsandalso  evaluatingthesefunctionsaccordingtonationalandinternationallegislations.


Ourcompanyaimsaccurateandreliableanalysis. Inthisrespect, a 4-floor Analysis Laboratory has beenlaunched in Ankara İncek, in 2013. Ourcompany has a nationalleadinglaboratorywhich has beenawarded an AccreditationCertificateby TÜRK-AK (TurkishAccreditation Foundation) andCompetenceDocumentbyTurkishMinistry of Environment andUrbanizationforthefollowingservices:



  • EmissionMeasurements
  • AirQualityMeasurements
  • AirQualityModelling
  • NoiseMeasurements
  • SoilAnalyses
  • WasteAnalyses
  • SwedgeSludgeAnalyses
  • WasteOilAnalyses
  • WaterandWastewaterAnalyses
  • SeawaterAnalyses
  • SedimentAnalyses
  • BiotaAnalyses
  • MicrobiologicalAnalyses


Our laboratory uses highly technologically advanced measurement devices and aims to achieve best quality, most accurate and reliable results for the aforementioned services.


At NEN Laboratory, all actions are taken under provision of Quality Management System TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Standaards. This is to provide the accuracy and reliability of the experimental service given by our laboratory for the customers.


For all the experiment services given for our customers, it is our laboratory’s principle that we always give service following the conditions of TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 Standards and improve the quality management system.


NEN Laboratory proclaims contribution to social development and a reliable foundation by staying loyal to these policies.


Şirket Merkezi :Uğurmumcu cad. Kırçiçeği Sok. No:8/1 GOP-Çankaya/ANKARA 
Laboratuvar    :Kızılcaşar Mah. Barış Cad. 2674.Sok No:5 İncek-Gölbaşı/ANKARA