Social Responsibility

NEN Mühendislik

For the servicesgivenby NEN Laboratory,weaim to prevent environmental pollution and to develop institutional social sense of responsibility. In this respect, our company continues to improve itself by following the targets below:

- To implement applications that are reusable and recyclable which decreases the consumption of sources

- To dispose the waste, which emerges during our services, in an environmentally non hazardous way

- To create environmental consciousness in our company

- To develop projects that are energy effective and to increase the efficiency with alternative sources for every situation and processes


NEN Laboratory will keep on working to improve itself and keep its place to be an environmentally friendly and conscious company for a sustainable development

Şirket Merkezi :Uğurmumcu cad. Kırçiçeği Sok. No:8/1 GOP-Çankaya/ANKARA 
Laboratuvar    :Kızılcaşar Mah. Barış Cad. 2674.Sok No:5 İncek-Gölbaşı/ANKARA